Help page for customers who do not speak German

Dear table-tennis player,

if you can´t speak German, but would like to order from us anyway, we hope this page can help you a little bit. 

To which countries do you ship (also considering the current Corona crisis ?
Shipping of orders during the Corona crisis is not possible to all countries, sorry about that.
We still can ship orders without problems to all countries in Europe.
Shipping to countries outside Europe is difficult. Please check here: under "international mail and parcel services". Green color for a country: Shipping is no problem, but DHL may charge an additional "international crisis surcharge" for larger parcels. Orange color: Major problems, but shipping may still be possible, please read the details carefully. Red color: No shipping possible at all.
What languages do we speek ?
Only German and English.
Where can I find information about your products in English ?
For some products we added descriptions in English to this website. You can also visit
What are your minimum order amounts ?
15,00 € for orders to be shipped within Germany, 25,00 € for orders to be shipped within the EU, 40,00 € for all other countries.
How can I order from you ?
You can order through this website. If you have problems to understand our website, you can place an order just by writing a normal E-Mail with your address and the items you want to order.
How can I pay my order ?
We suggest payment with using PayPal. If not possible, you can also wire money to our bank account, but be aware of high bank fees. PayPal costs you nothing, so it is the most economic option (we pay all PayPal fees). Sorry, we can´t accept credit cards. To send us a payment with PayPal, please just follow this link: But please be so kind and first wait for our order confirmation before sending us a payment. Thank you !
How fast do you ship orders ?
We will ship your order latest 2 working days after receiving your payment.
How high are the shipping costs ?
For every country shipping costs are different. We ship parcels with DHL (but not DHL Express), smaller orders with regular mail (post office). Important: During the Corona crisis only the shipping costs for countries in Europe are as stated below. For all other countries, they may be higher then normal.  
shipping costs
weight of parcel EU
(all prices including german vat tax)
(prices are without vat tax)
maximum 500 g € 6,50 (post office)
€ 6,50 (post office)
500 - 1000 g € 9,90 (DHL parcel) € 10,00 (post office)
more then 1 kg € 9,90 (DHL parcel) different for every country, please ask us !
shipping services and payment terms
included service: registered post with tracking number or insured DHL parcel.
registered post with tracking number for every order, DHL parcel (insured package)  for larger orders.
items that can be shipped: everything everything except glue with VOC and balls made of Celluloid.
shipping company DHL, Deutsche Post (post office)
(please see above)
post office or DHL parcel
Important: This is not DHL Express !
shipping time different for every country:
DHL parcels take 2-5 days.
Post office mail takes longer sometimes for some countries.
Please ask us for more information.
For most countries the shipping time will be 1-3 weeks. Please ask us for more details about shipping time to your country.
payment method we accept PayPal (we pay the PayPal fees), payment to our bank account (SEPA payment) PayPal (we pay the PayPal fees)
how fast we we send you the order latest 1 working day after receiving payment latest 2 working days after receiving payment
important You pay the prices including german vat tax as shown on this website. If you are from outside the EU, we will deduct the german vat tax from all prices.*

*The german vat tax is regulary 19% and will be reduced to 16% from 01.07.2020 - 31.12.2020.

19% vat tax are subtracted like follows: price including vat tax : 1.19.
Example: Price is EUR 100 including 19 % vat tax. Price without vat tax is 100 : 1.19 = EUR 84.03

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